Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Review

**Sample from iFabbo**

So, I have a really neat product to tell you about today. iFabbo gave me the opportunity to try the daily microfoliant by dermalocia. This is a dry powder that you actually put water on to work into a exfoliating paste and you can use it daily. Awesome, right??

So, this is how you use it:
How much do you love this?? I love it!!

 The microfoliant contains some really great things like papain, salicylic acid and rice enzymes as well as green tea, ginkgo and colloidal oatmeal. These all help wash away dead skin cells and regenerate new healthy ones.
 This product was also gentle enough for my sensitive skin. I used it every day for about a week and I didn't have any issues with sensitivity. I do use a little extra moisturizer especially since the weather is starting to get a little rough, so you may want to start stacking up especially if your skin is dry to begin with.
 The Daily Microfoliant costs $52.00 for 2.6oz and you can find the product here.
This is one of their top sellers and I think this is just the neatest products and is great for a facial exfoliant. I really like Dermalogica products and how well they treat my poor sensitive skin.
 These are both pictures of what the microfoliant turns into once you add the water to it. It literally turns to a paste. This will help you lift dead skin cells and give you that brighter, smoother skin you want!

Dermalogica is doing something really fun in an area around you. They are kicking off a campaign called Face Map Our Nation. It is a "zone-by-zone analysis of your skin, which sheds light on what your skin is telling you". So, they give you a 5-10 minute session with a licensed skin care professional and tell you about the different areas of your skin and what kinds of products you should be using on each area to get the best looking skin. 
I went to to see where they were hoping a complementary Face Mapping Skin Analysis closest to me, because I am definitely going. 

I always wonder if I am using the right products in the right areas or if I should be using different products for different ares of my face. My face is so important to all of us. It is the first thing people see and for me, it is what all of you see. This is a great opportunity so you should at least check it out to see what they have to tell you!! If you attend, you can share your #shareyourfacemap with @dermalogica and enter for chance to win a prescribed regimen worth up to $250!!


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