52 Week Challenge- Week 1

I am so happy to announce a BRAND NEW CHALLENGE with Crumpet's Nail Tarts called the 52 Week Challenge. It combines the some of our past challenges together to make it a heck of a challenge!! I am super excited because this challenge gives me such precise prompts which makes it easy for me to get creative!!
This challenge gives us the option of doing a challenge twice a month or all at once. I am going to stick with doing both at once for the most part to really kick it up with the challenge. A lot of the information for this challenge is embargoed, so I am purposefully not telling you anything and I am sorry. I have to wait and see what I can actually tell you!
I am super excited about this because the weeks look so awesome!! I am also going to stick with Thursday just because that's when it fits in my schedule.

Colors Used:
Sation: Oh My Oceana
Cosmetic Arts- we all know there is no names on these, but it is a pretty blue tealish color.


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