YouPolish Star Decal Skittle Fun

**Press Sample**

So, I have shown you several of these decals that I have received from you polish and I just keep finding more ways to use them. The ones that I have to show you today are the set of star decals that I received. I absolutely love them!!
The fun things about these are that one the sheet they look like there are only two rows of bigger stars and two rows of smaller stars BUT when you take them off of the page, there are smaller stars INSIDE the stars. You are actually getting twice the stars that are on the paper!!!
So, as you can see, you get stars that are solid and stars that are outlines. That YouPolish is AWESOME!! I used them as just decals in this design. I did use them as stencils in my Steelers design and if you want to see that, you can check them out here.  I also used the orange straight line decals to create the stripes on my pinky. I put them down, painted over them and then pulled them off to create the lines.
If you are interested in purchasing these star decals from YouPolish you can buy them here for only $5.50. 20 large star decals and 20 small star decals.  Each are cut twice so you actually get 40 star outlines and 40 stars. There are 30 color options, so you can pick which color you want or you can stick with white and make your own color.
Colors Used:
Sinful Colors- Hazard
JustRica- Whiteout
KBShimmer- I Only Have Ice for You


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