Wrapping Up Summer with Stamping Designs from Manglaze and JustRica


To wrap up all this summer fun, I wanted to do a fun anchors and rope stamp design with some Manglaze and JustRica. The stamping is a little hard to see, but trust me it's there.


The stamper that I used for this was one that I got from KKCenterHk. It's a rubber stamper and I really liked using it. You can check out that original post, here. Although, it's pretty messy and you have to have a lot of space to actually stamp with it.


I really liked the overall design, in my head. Yet again, when I go to throw it out on my nails, it doesn't look like the beauty it did on my nails. That's ok!! 

Since I am starting to wrap up my summer nails, I am getting super excited for my fall nails. I have just a few more summer looks and I am starting to play with my fall pretties. I am so excited for all of the fall lines and I am even more excited to play with the my new fall stamping plates. Hopefully I get some more practice between now and then.

Colors Used:
NYC- Matte Me Crazy
JustRica- Pinky Promise
Manglaze- ILF

 What are you most excited for the fall? What are you going to miss the most about the summer??


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