One Direction Midnight Memories Makeup Kit and Giveaway

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One Direction is one of the hottest music groups out there today and they have an even hotter makeup line. I was given a great opportunity to show you one of their kits called Midnight Memories. The set comes in a limited edition tin and there are three different looks to pick from.

5 Piece Decorator Stencil Set. You can decorate your friends and all of your stuff with all things ONE DIRECTION!! This works great with the eye shadow included in the kit if you want to try something fun with your makeup. There were kind of hard to work with as far as the makeup goes, so I didn't use them, but they may be fun with pens or makers.

The 4+1 eyeshadow kit contains 5 smokey colors that are named after the songs. My favorite was the pink which is named ""Don't Forget Where You Belong". Now, overall I was not really impressed with the quality of the product. They were all very chunky and they didn't apply very nicely at all. I am not sure if it was because of the humidity, but my makeup room is pretty well controlled as far as temperature goes. It just didn't play nice. I also feel that Strong and Half a Heart look really similar.
Colors left to right are:
Little White Lies
Don't Forget Where You Belong
Half a Heart
Midnight Memories
Next is the polish. Now, you all know this is my specialty. This polish was ok to apply. It chipped the next day, but it applied smoothly and once it was top coated, had a nice finish. I probably will not use it again, but I will like the color a lot. I am a vampy lover, so I liked the overall color. The color is called Right Now.

Next is the lip wand. This is really fun. It is called the One Direction liquilights poppy lip glow gloss because it gloes to neon red-orange in UV light. Isn't that fun. Unfortunately, I don't have a UV light and I didn't know that this was a UV glowing gloss or I would have gotten one.

I really liked the lipstick. It wasn't sticky and it applied really nicely. The name of this is Best Song Ever.It is a crimson red creme lipstick that comes in a really neat limited edition One Direction tube.  

On the left is the lipstick in Best Song Ever and the right is the Liquilights glow gloss in Through the Dark

Better Than Words black liner and body crayon. This is a super thick crayon that I found really hard to use a liner. I do not like my liner thick to begin with. I like to be able to control my line. I like it to start thin and then make it thicker if I want. I do not like that I have a fat pencil and the line control is pretty much not there. I do like the idea of using this as a body crayon. I would not personally do this, but I think it's fun to use with the stencils.

Next, is the mascara. Little Black Dress. This is a regular wand in a skinner limited edition tube of mascara. This is ok for a makeup kit, but it is nothing special. It dried a little chunky for me, but it did plump and lengthen.

If you like what you see here, you can purchase this in Macy's, Dillards, Beauty Brands and Lord and Taylor.

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