GOT Polish Challenge Presents Burnt Orange/ Copper

For this weeks challenge, I am back on track!! I missed my ignored for too long because, well, I have too many that have been ignored for too long and that's why I do this challenge. 

I used a color that sits in my drawer called Iced Copper by Pure Ice. I think that my sister may have gifted this to me many, many moons ago.  I think this is the perfect mix of burnt orange and copper. Well, maybe more learning towards burnt orange than copper, but still. 

I also think this is the perfect bridge into fall. It's my favorite season. Next week is brown, so we are definitely going in that direction. I am hoping to slap up some leaves or something fall themed for next week since we will be in the full swing of fall.

I put the question out earlier today to my Facebook fans about what kinds of orange polish they own because every time I do something that requires organ polish, it reminds me that I only have 4-6 bottles of orange and that's just not enough shades to pick from. I wanted to know what kinds, brands or colors of orange you had so I could get some suggestions to add to my stash.

Colors Used:
Pure Ice- Iced Copper


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