Zoya Natural Deux Collection

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Today, I have a very lovely collection from Zoya. It is the Natural Deux Collection. It is made up of natural shades perfect to get you in the mood for fall. Can you believe that FALL is right around the corner? I can't, but I am ready for it! I love the time right before fall. The weather is perfect. Not too hot and not too cold. Shorts and hoodie weather, I call it. Anyway, this collection from Zoya brings you the same not too cold and not too hot with these 6 new colors.

Spencer is "a full coverage, rich caramel cream". I am using 2 coats in this picture, but it definitely covers in one. This is a great true nude.

Aubrey is a "full coverage, medium mauve cream". This is opaque in one coat, but I used two coats to get a nice clean finish. This is a really fun shade. It reminds me of a nice fall wine.

Chanelle is  "toasted almond cream". It is a full coverage cream polish and is opaque in one coat. This leans more towards brown, but is still in the nude category in my book. This is such a great transition color. It helps me ease right into fall.

Madeline is described as a "full coverage, muted rose cream". It is a really pretty color. I cannot wait to matte this polish out and stamp on it with some of the other colors in the collection. I think it would look really great with Zoya Kristen. I loved the delicacy of this color and it being a one-coater made it even better.

Marney is described as a "deep warm plum" that is full coverage. This is one of my favorites from the collection for 2 reasons. 1) It is my daughter's nickname and 2) is reminds me of a good red wine! I really liked this color and it goes on with one good coat.  This color applied really nicely and was sealed even nicer with a top coat.

Emilia is described as a "full coverage, dark chocolate cream". I really like the depth of this brown. Even though the bottle needs a little extra shake, it was still great coverage. It has a nice strong fall brown feeling to it. This was a really deep brown color and was a little tricky to apply. I only think this is because the bottle was under mixed, but overall I liked it!

You can purchase the entire collection from HERE.
They retail at $9 a bottle or you can purchase the Natural Deux Sampler (shown here) from HERE
Of course, Zoya is BIG5FREE and proud!!

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