Red Coat Tuesday

Ladies, we are almost thought another season of Pretty Little Liars and I am no closer to getting the answers I want!! "A Dark Ali" is the name of the episode for this week, and yes, yes it is. Ali is getting to be a huuuuge pain in the ass for me. I don't trust her. I think she's A and she should have never come back into the picture. She is back to tormenting the girls and making them fall one by one.
Ok, so here are my questions. What is Ali going to do now? What story is she going to make up about her so-called kidnapping? Who is the guy that confessed?? Is she going to let him just take the heat? Of course she is, she's not a nice girl and doesn't care who gets taken down as long as she stays on top. Do you feel the disdain?
Spence. What is Spencer going to do with the stuff she got from Mr Noel Kahn? She was serious in last weeks episode and I really hope she uses it at the right time. Speaking of being serious, is this it for Hannah's shenanigans?? Is she going to cut the bad-ass attitude and bring it back down to earth?? I hope so, I hate bad-girl Hannah.
Ella. Poor Ella. I feel so bad for her and didn't see that coming. I couldn't believe what a creep that guy turned out to be. I mean Ella really deserves something good to happen in her life and has gotten nothing but grief. Give her a good man!!!
What do you think of Jenna and Sydney. There is definitely more to the story than Sydney just being a nice girl and helping Jenna out. I mean they were practically dressed as twins! Super weird??


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