Pretty Little Liars Red Coat Tuesday FATAL FINALE!!!

Tonight is the Fatal Finale!! Who will DIE?? Well, all of us faithful watchers all know that every season finale they have said that someone is going to die and well some has, but it usually is someone that we don't care about. I hope it is the same for this season finale as well. Any guesses out there??
With a title of "Taking This One to the Grave" this episode should be interesting. It is part of the theme song for goodness sakes!! I am kind of excited because I think the girls are finally getting sick of Ali. She has been playing little Miss Innocent for too long and everyone is starting to catch right on to it. 
Also, apparently the Liars are going to enlist the help of an unlikely friend?!?! What exactly does that mean? I am curious to find out. Whom is this unlikely friend? Mona?
Anyway, until next season- or wait Halloween?? I know that we are getting a special Halloween and Christmas episode this year and I am pretty pumped about both!! I am hoping we get to see some big hitters come back.

Colors Used:
Sinful Colors- Ruby Ruby
JustRica- Squishy Watermelon
JustRica- Blood of Lilith
JustRica- Blackout



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