Pretty Little Liars Red Coat Tuesday

 All I can say is MELISSA... Holy Crap! I knew it!! I knew she was shady the whole time. I still think Ali is involved with the shade, but Melissa. Wow!! This episode is titled "No One Here Can Love or Understand Me?". Back to Melissa. I hope that we get more information about Melissa and I hope that she comes clean. I doubt it. That's why it's called Pretty Little Liars. 

I hope that Hannah and Caleb are also done. Caleb is starting to be a really bad influence on Hannah and now that Hannah is getting on the straight and narrow, I hope that Caleb is getting that way as well. Although, it does not look like it. According to the teasers, Caleb is finally going to spill why he's been hitting the bottle so hard and it has to do with Ravenswood. 

Also, I am kind of pumped that Ezra is back in the picture. I kind of lost all trust for him after all his shennanigans, but I am hoping that I can earn it back. Apparently Aria isn't working with Ezra but Emily. Huh?!? I wonder what is going to happen with that. I also hope that I get more answers about poor little Bethany. What do you think??

Colors Used:
JustRica- Squishy Strawberry
JustRica- Blackout
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