Let's Go North Hills

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North Hills Nail Art with YouPolish decals, Orly and JustRica
Yes, today I am playing the mom card. Most of you know that I am a proud momma of two kiddos and while I show my daughter often on here when we do her nails, I rarely feature my son. Today is his day. He is the kind of kid that has to work hard. He doesn't have things just fall in his lap He struggles and he works hard. His nickname is "my treasure" because he was my first baby and I had him at a young age. He was my motivation to keep my going. He saw me work hard. He saw me work through college and then push myself through my master's degree and work super hard to get the awesome job that I have now. I always wanted my kids to know what hard work means and how great the reward feels and he definitely gets it. 
North Hills Nail Art with YouPolish decals, Orly and JustRica
Well today I am celebrating one of those times where his hard work has paid off. He started playing football last year. Like I said, he has to put a little extra into everything he does just to be level with everyone so football was a HUUUUGE challenge to him. Well, the coach really stunk and basically played and practiced the same kids. Since my son needed that little extra it was too much for the coach so my sun fell by the way side.
North Hills Nail Art with YouPolish decals, Orly and JustRica
At the tail end of the season, they added an extra coach who took special interest in my son. This was great because he got the special instruction that he needed. He does really great if someone just takes the time to tell him the mechanics behind what he is supposed to be doing. He got a couple weeks of that kind of instruction and it did wonders for him.
This year, he was hesitant about wanting to play and I convinced him to do so. We worked a lot over that next year to talk about different positions and all sorts of football things.We signed up for football and tried again.
North Hills Nail Art with YouPolish decals, Orly and JustRica
This year, he just killed it. He soaked in all the stuff the learned at the end of last year and all the stuff we talked about this summer and killed it! The coaches took the time to explain the positions to the kids this year and teach them what they were supposed to be doing. My son hopped right in and tried really hard and worked really hard. He worked so hard that he made it to the captain of the defensive team. 
I am so proud of him and I wanted to celebrate him by painting my nails for his game to show him how proud I was of him. His number is 28 and his colors are black, red and white and he plays for the Braves. So around 1pm today, make sure you say a little "Wahoo" for my son!!
North Hills Nail Art with YouPolish decals, Orly and JustRica

For this design, I am showing you some new decals that I got to review from YouPolish. They made those awesome red and black lines that you see on my nails. Stay tuned because I have a whole lot more to show!  She did such a great job on the layout of the decals that I felt bad even using them. Anyway...

If you are interested in purchasing these decals you can buy them here
Colors Used:
Orly- Red Carpet
JustRica- Whiteout
JustRica- Blackout


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