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I am super excited to have a close nail friend of mine to be the first part of my "Share the Love" campaign for July. If you loooove her swatches as much as I do, you can check her out:

Hello, readers of ColorMeSoCrazy! I'm Sara from Born For A Storm and I'm here to show you two recent Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer products that I'm loving. The glitter is especially perfect for this time of year! I purchased both of these polishes myself.

That's probably the worst picture I've ever taken in my life. Sorry. Onto the swatches of the polishes, which actually have good photos!

  One Gray-t Year. 
This polish was created to celebrate Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer's first year of business! (And fun fact, it was named by Jessica of Polished10!) This is a " a matte grey polish with rainbow micro-flakies. It dries to a satin finish." This polish is exactly as described! I'm showing it here with two coats of polish and base and top coat. As pretty as I find satin finishes, I can't deal with it out in real life. I want everything SHINY. So I topcoat all the things. You can see the flakies really well in the bottle shot. They are slightly less apparent on the nail but way more apparent than my stupid pictures make it seem, if that makes sense. The formula on this was perfect and easy to work with! Get Too Close To The Flame. 
This is Julie's June LE polish and I CANNOT DEAL WITH HOW PRETTY IT IS. GTCTTF is "a clear base packed with pink micro-flakies, watermelon pink hexes and dots, and hot orange hexes and stars." I'm wearing one coat with some extra dabbed on to fill the spaces. This applied really easily and I didn't have to fuss to get glitter out of the bottle, which is always appreciate. I don't think I have any glitters in this color family so I was really excited when this beauty came in the mail! I love that the pink micro-flakies really popped in the macro shot... they are incredible in real life. If you have a chance to pick this color up, DO IT. I want to put it over everything! 

 Here's how you can shop Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer and keep in touch with Julie: 
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