Red Coat Tuesday

This episode is going to be awesome. It's titled "Scream for Me" and it's supposed to be the best of the season. If you have not seen the previews for this week, you are about to get informed. We see that Ali and Hannah make up and potentially Ali moves in with Hannah and her mom. Well, that may get a little sticky. Hannah and Ali have such strong personalities that they just may clash.
Speaking of Hannah, WTF is going on with her drinking? She needs to get control of herself. I see Hannah pulling a Spencer really soon. She has been seen on multiple occasions with multiple alcoholic beverages in her hands. Maybe she's practicing for college? Probably not!!

Sydney. I must know more. She's so mysterious and has been on the show for several episodes now, yet I have no clue about her except that she's majorly shady.

AND... speaking of shady, Aria continues her quest to seek out answers from Radley. From the looks of the previews, she gets busted. I can't wait to see what happens with that!!

I hope they bring back the investigation into the girl that was in Ali's grave. I need to know where she came from, why she was there and what her connection to the PLLs are.

Also, Caleb... What is going on with him. I get this super shady feeling from him. Actually, I have been getting a super shady feeling from all of the liars. Something is going to happen soon. Something big. I feel it. All of this shadiness and people coming back into the picture is just a recipe for disaster.

I can't wait to see what tonight holds for the Liars and what we have to look forward to for next week.
Colors Used:
L'Oreal- Jolly Lolly
Milani- Carnival


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