Red Coat Tuesday

After a crraaaazzzy week, I finally got to do this design. This week I had all of my family and my husbands family in for my daughters dance recital. It was nuts to say the least. 

Anyway, the design I did this week was to reflect the confusion that I think is arising from good and evil. I think that now Ali is back all hell is going to break loose again. While the girls really missed her and were happy when she came back, I think that she is just causing more trouble. So, my design represents the intermingling and confusion of the good side (white) and dark side (black).

Predictions and Questions:
Is Ali faking it?? Even though she has been on the show for quite some time, I still can't get a grasp on her. We all know she is quite the manipulator and sometimes I feel as if she is not genuine about the things she says and does.

What is up with this new Sydney girl?? She just busted in the last episode and I have a feeling she is around to stay for a while or has a big part. Where did she come from? Is she an A plant? Why is she there?

Why is Melissa back? This still wasn't answered in the last episode. I want to know why she's back. Why didn't she just stay in England? 

WHO KILLED MRS D? I'm still wondering about this?? Is it Jason? Like I said last week, if it's Jason then why was he looking for her. Who bought that dang dog, too? It wasn't Mrs D because she was 9 feet under the ground. 

As you can see in the preview below, EVERYONE is paranoid. Could there be a twin? Could that really be it. It goes along with the books, but is it going to be that predictable? Could the twin have killed Mrs D and try to kill Ali?? Does Jason know? Ughhh. Well, until next week!!

Colors Used: 
Nail Pattern Boldness- Inner Beauty is for Amateurs
Rica- Blackout
Rica- Whiteout


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