Red Coat Tuesday- 100th Episode

Yeah!! It's here!!  I experimented with a bunch of different makeup looks for the special 100th episode. I did nails, eyes and lips. Before you get to see the looks, let's check out the weekly questions and predictions. Enjoy!!

The name of the episode is even called "Miss Me X 100". So fun!! Does this refer to Ali's return to Rosewood High?? That is going to be super weird and I am sure it's going to start a whole new set of problems. 

Are we going to see Spoby?? I miss the good ol' Spoby. I hope that they make amends. I love them together and I see it not going well. He needs to come back, not just because I like looking at him, but we NEED Spoby. Speaking of Spencer, are her parents going to reveal what their shadiness is about?? I want to know what they are hiding!!!

Mrs D. That's all. Mrs D. We found out that she was drugged. Her heart medication was switched. Was that the same person that buried her?? I have a feeling that it was two different people. One drugged her and the other one (unknowing to the medication switch) clocked her on the head and buried her. 
Colors Used:
Dance Legend- Rubin
Victoria's Secret- Dream On
JustRica- Whiteout

 Sneak Peeks:
Hannahs new Boy Toy is apparently coming back.
Jenna reappears, again!
Ali, "The Queen Bee" is officially back at Rosewood High

These lips were really fun. I did a red lip and then a series of 1s and 0s. It's a very artistic stretch. It was fun to do these. I just used a black pencil liner to do the numbers. I don't own anything lip related that is black. I did when I was in 8th grade, but not anymore. 

Cover Girl- Q505 See Red

Well, these were certainly not how I envisioned, but this is a blogging adventure, right?? I did three different designs for my eyes. 
 This is just a double winged red lined eye with some smoldering plum on the lid. I lined the upper lashline and lower lashline with the Printcess Climax. 

This was also lined with the red and both the L'Oreals blended on the lid to the crease and outer V. I lined the upper lashline and lower lashline in the Climax. For this, I added a "100" to the wing. THAT was horrible!! I used a pencil liner (I don't know why) and I really wish I wouldn't have. Chalk that up. Next time I draw a number on my liner, I will use liquid. Yuck. 

For the last look, I really blended up the L'Oreal shadows way above the crease to the brow bone. I actually blended dark the whole brow bone and then blended light down towards the lashline. I kept the red lining in Cliamx and then extended the wing with just a pencil brush in three places. I also made the lines a little cleaner by taking a q-tip and makeup remover and pulling it in between the lines. This was a really bold look that I would probably never wear, but it was fun and very empowering.  

Printcess- Climax
L'Oreal- Smoldering Plum
L'Oreal - Sinful Cinnamon 


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