NYC New York Color City Proof Twistables Intense Lip Colors

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I have 2 great lip crayons to show you today from NYC New York Color. I loooove this product because they apply really nicely, they are not dry (some lip crayons rip your lip off as you're applying), there are some great colors to select AND the price is so worth it! These range from $2.99-$3.99 depending on the store.

If you are interested in learning more about the NYC New York Color City Proof Twistable Lip Crayons, you can check ALL of their products and promotions out here:

First up, I have Fulton St. Fuchsia. It is a bright pink color. 

Things I like:
  • This is a twist-able crayon. No sharpening here. All you have to do is twist. 
  • I put this on before I went to a cocktail party at 5pm. When I got home at  9:30pm, I still had a little pink tint to my lips.
  • The packaging for the crayon is the color of the product. I love this because it makes it easy for me to just glance, pick and use. I don't have to pull it out and squint to see the color and then apply. 
  • Nice matte finish
  • No outlines after eating, drinking or long wear.

Things I didn't like:
  • The color on the crayon looks REALLY bright. It's not that bright on my lips. I wanted a **POW** hot pink and I got a light pink.
  • I would have liked to see a thicker build, as well.

 Next up is Nolita Neutral. This is a nude creme color. 

Things I like:
  •  This is a twist-able crayon. No sharpening here. All you have to do is twist.  
  • Again, the packaging is the actual color of the product. Easy grab and go product for me. 
  • There is a creme finish
  • You can use this as a concealer under another color. I even thought of putting it under the Fulton St. Fuchsia to see if I could boost the color.

Things I didn't like:
  • I could not wear this in the winter. This is a super fun and flirty summer color, but in the winter when I am pale as snow, it would not look that good. I think it would drain the color from my face. It's just not a color for me, personally.


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