Nail Challenge Collaborative presents Design REDO

Well ladies, you are in for a treat this month. Our challenge: recreate your first 4 nail designs. Well, I am scared. When I first started out in the nail world, I did a lot of simple designs. I tried to get creative sometimes and I just didn't have enough practice. So, now that I have had 2 solid years of practice, I should be good- right? We shall see...

First up, Steelers Nails. I really debated skipping this because we are not in football season, but I didn't for 2 reasons. 1) I have to stick with the challenge.  2) My famous NFL Roundup will be starting soon. If you are a football girl, I do a link up weekly that you are share your teams designs. I started this last year and I hope to have many more join in this year. I will probably start promoting it very soon.

Anyway, so here is the post for my first ever design. Don't worry, I have a great picture here below.


Well then... Anyway, For this design I used:
ILNP- So Ghoul (my Steelers Hit Polish is dry to the bone)
Sinful Colors-Snow Me White
Sinful Colors- Let's Meet
and a black polish that I called Black on Black and I don't know what that is. I used Ebony Hates Chris by Wet n' Wild instead.

As you can see, I did a little skittle that I still love so much. I dotted my index finger, striped my middle, did a hand drawn design on my ring finger and just glittered my pinkie. The difference between the first one and this one is that I actually used a dotting tool and striping tape. I think for the first one, I dotted with a toothpick and striped free handed. This was totally fun.

 I can't wait to share what I have coming up next week. It's fun to go back almost 2 years ago and see what I have done.


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