Happy 4th of July America!!

Since I spammed you all with my designs from the last couple of days, I am going to keep this short and sweet!! This is the actual design I am wearing today. I was going to go really simple, but what is a holiday without some glitz??

For this simple design I used some glitter, stamping and some festive colors. It was super simple and looks super awesome!

Colors Used:
Orly- Sweet Peacock
Orly- Red Carpet
Colors Club- Over the Moon
L.A. Girl- Celebrate
OPI- Gettin' Miss Piggy With It
ellagee- Festival of Lights
JustRica- Whiteout
YouPolish- Sexy M.F.

I did the Red Carpet as a base and the Gettin' Miss Piggy With It on top. It is a great combo and it WILL make a reappearance for #RedCoatTuesdays.  I used the Sweet Peacock under Festival of Lights. It's a very multi-holiday glitter.

 I then stamped with the color Club and YouPolish on my middle two fingers. I got the YouPolish as a OOAK custom. There is nothing sexier than a red holo. I then topped them with the L.A. Girl Celebrate.

Simple and fun!! What did you do for your nails? Any special designs or polishes you used??

Just for fun- Marlees 4th of July nails. She got the two Orly polishes I used plus Julep- America. I didn't get to use that polish this time around, but I will def be using it in the future. 


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