GOT Polish Presents Yellow

Yellow. Well, it's not my favorite color but I have a lot of yellows because I am a huuuuge Steelers fan so I was good to go in this department. Where I was stuck was at what to do with this yellow that was not associated with Pittsburgh sports. 

I decided to take some rhinestones and do a simple and elegant design. Nothing fancy. This is a very simple 3D art that I can see myself wearing for a couple days. I have been on a rhinestone kick lately, so I apologize ahead of time for all of the rhinestone designs. 

I have had this color for almost 2 years now!! This was the very first yellow I purchased to use for my Steelers nail art. I still love this color and use it often. I have 2 coats on on these pictures just to cover some bald spots. You can still the nail line, if you look really closely. When I am using this color with art, the nail line usually isn't visible so I didn't worry about putting an opaque base coat on. 

Colors Used:
Sinful Colors- Let's Meet


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