Dance Legend 195

**Bought It**

I love Dance Legends polish. I am still soo into the thermal polishes and I think they put the best ones out- by far. This is not a thermal, but a polish that turns in the sun. Of course, I didn't pay attention and freaked out when I was scalding my hands under hot water and it wasn't changing.

Finally, when I walked outside, it magically turned purple. Viola!! It clicked. I went back and read the bottle and it says, "SUN" really big on the cap. Duh!!

This polish is from the Sun Shine collection.  195 is off white with different colors of gold glitter. It is a crelly and I am using about 2 coats in the swatches. Surprisingly, this color stayed on really well. Usually my color changing polish wear easily. This one, I had on for several days.

This turned to a dark purple in direct sunlight. I love these colors and I love them even more that they change colors. How awesome is this?? I bought this from the Color4Nails website, so if you are searching, that is a place to look. This is one of the many Dance Legend polishes that I own and I have not been disappointed. 


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