And yet more Red, White and Blue

For this quick and easy design, I stamped a couple patriotic designs and glittered the heck out of my ring finger. I really like the USA colors of red, blue and white. I think they work really well complimenting each other and just look so sharp. Go USA!!

I stamped a USA star on my index finger and topped it with Finger Paints flakie. For my middle finger, I stamped stars in both red and blue. For my ring finger, I glittered the heck out of it with LA Girl- Celebrate, large loose star glitter and the Finger Paints flakie. For my pinkie, I stamped a star burst in red and then stamped silver stars on top. 

Colors Used:
Orly- Star Spangled
Orly- Sweet Peacock
Revlon- Sequin
L.A. Girl- Celebrate
Rica- Whiteout
Finger Paints- Twisted


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