#RedThumb2Stop Pledge

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Today is the day!! We have started the campaign for our red thumbs to remind us not to text and drive. I know for me, this is huge because I am constantly on the go. I am always trying to multitask and sometimes that includes maybe writing an email in traffic or sending a quick text to my husband that I am on my way home. I have come to realize that I trust myself driving. I actually consider myself an excellent driver, but what I don't trust is everyone else. While, if I was the only person/animal/ creature on the road and the weather was perfect I could probably be ok. Unfortunately, we live in a world with other people, animals and weird weather. This is why it is so important to have your eyes on the road the ENTIRE time you are driving. 

"The red thumb acts as a stop sign when we grab our phones.. it reminds us to STOP .. WE'RE DRIVING!!!!! The idea is for the red to stand out, so please do a regular NOT-RED mani and paint your thumb RED, if not both, do your dominant hand, the one you'll grab your phone with, nail art absolutely acceptable." -Beauty, Shoes, Nails & Fun

So, my challenge to you is to take this pledge. Get yourself into the routine of not using your phone while driving. Throw it in your purse, in your glovebox or under your butt until you come to your destination. 

You can post your picture AND one of your mom, dad, husband, wife, aunt, uncle, grannys, daughter, son, siblings, GO OUT AND PAINT EVERYONE'S NAILS and show us at www.facebook.com/bsnfun.

Here's a list of some of the participating pages: Take a second to give them a like... they are all amazing at what they do and incredibly awesome fun people! 



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