#RedThumb2Stop Pledge

I was asked recently to join a really awesome and really big project. Beauty, Shoes, Nails & Fun has organized this great cause. Since I know you are all nail polish lovers, you can ALL participate in this. All you need is RED nail polish! So, check out the post from Beauty, Shoes, Nails & Fun and get ready to join in June 8th!

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My prior Post regarding the RedThumb2Stop idea has been well accepted... 

As stated therein, starting on June 8, 2014 there myself and a few others, really amazing will start a DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE AWARENESS WEEK.... an InLinks has been set up for bloggers as well as an album on my page with all of our pictures, we can all still do our regular manis but we're painting our thumbs RED! reminding ourselves and creating awareness to drive hands-free.

The red thumb acts as a stop sign when we grab our phones.. it reminds us to STOP .. WE'RE DRIVING!!!!! The idea is for the red to stand out, so please do a regular NOT-RED mani and paint your thumb RED, if not both, do your dominant hand, the one you'll grab your phone with, nail art absolutely acceptable.

Although this is not a terribly unique idea, you never know, TAKE THIS PLEDGE it may save a life, many people, myself included, are guilty of this distraction from time to time, not just texting but checking our social media platforms, pages we like, comments and even phone calls.  Let's also bring some conscience to others. 

I am also encouraging male participation.. I have already enlisted a group of supportive men, can't wait to paint those manly thumbs :) 

Bloggers and page owners: Sharing is THE KEY.
However, you DO NOT have to blog or own a page to be part of this... we're calling out EVERYONE all over the world to take this pledge to be a safer driver. You can post your picture AND one of your mom, dad, husband, wife, aunt, uncle, grannys, daughter, son, siblings, GO OUT AND PAINT EVERYONE'S NAILS and show us at www.facebook.com/bsnfun.

Big Shout out to Monica of Moni's Mani for her help in the logistics and suggestions and Joanna of Polished Dezinez Addict for her amazing work creating our event flyer and of course, THANK YOU!!!! for your overall support. 

Here's a list of some of the participating pages: Take a second to give them a like... they are all amazing at what they do and incredibly awesome fun people! 

And of course, your host, Beauty Shoes Nails & Fun


BLOGGERS: Get the InLinkz code

As a motorcyclist, I have come to close calls because of the inattention of some drivers, please be mindful of others.  I honestly hope to grow this idea to serve as a reminder... Let's make our roads safer and if someone asks about your red thumb, don't be bashful and share!!

Let's rock this!!!!! who's in??? 
**can't wait to see those thumbs**


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