Nail Art for Nubs

Like many people in the nail world I took advantage of the Manglaze sale and almost finished up my collection. I think I only have like 3 more to buy and I am done!! As many of you may (or may not) know, I loooove all things matted out. ALL of Manglazes polishes have a matte finish. They are for real, seriously gorgeous.

I am also pretty excited because I am 1 step closer to owning ALL of the matte topcoats in the world.. muahahahah. Well, not really, but enough that I can do a solid comparison. Do you have a favorite matte topcoat? I am still searching for my favorite. I have a lot and I still cannot pick just one to be my favorite.

For this design on this lovely Nail Art for Nubs day, I decided to do a little french skittle with the gold striper and the Manglaze. I have been really enjoying skittle land lately. Maybe too much?!? I hope not. I may have mentioned this before, but sometimes I have about 7-10 different ideas for a design. I hate to only do 1, so I settle for 5. For this design, I knew I wanted to do tips but I wasn't sure which ones.

I am also really into the negative space designs. I love doing designs over the nude nail. I have done a couple where I stamped over the nail with no base color polish. I am really going to try to do more because I think that will be the next "hot" thing in the nail world. 

Colors Used:
Cabron- Manglaze
Gold 2 way striping polish


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