Nail Art for Nubs

Hello!! Yesterday was my son's 9th birthday and I wanted to dedicate a mani to him. He is my little treasure and even though he is growing up so quickly, he will always be my treasure. I had him when I was young. When all of my friends were partying, I was taking care of a baby. He truly saved my life. He helped me settle down and start taking care of myself as well as him. He taught me what it means to be selfless and to give selflessly.

I can remember the day that I brought him home from the hospital. I was so nervous and wanted to do everything right. I read a thousand books to make sure I was doing everything right. It took me a VERRRRRY long time to realize that I don't need a book to be a good parent. I didn't need a book or a person to tell me that I was a good mother. All it took was that little boy to smile and tell me he loves me.

Now, 9 years later he is turning into a caring, loving and extremely intelligent young man. I am so lucky to have such a great kid in my life. So, Happy Birthday little guy- Momma loves you!!

On to this design.... I decided to do a comic book themed design since he is really into comics and super heroes. He acts like he is too cool for school sometimes, but he looooooves his action heroes. I used a couple colors (listed below) in a gradient design and then put the comic water decals over them. I really like how this turned out. I have had the comic water decals for almost a year now and I never know what to do with them... Well, here it is!!

Colors Used:
American Apparel- Sunshine State
Zoya- Tilda
Sinful Colors- Cross My Heart
Maybelline- Shocking Seas
Revlon- Sequin
Fing'rs- Pow! Wow! Bam!


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