GOT Polish Thursday presents RED

This week has really been a RED week for me. First, I did the #RedThumb2Stop Pledge on Sunday. It was my pledge to not text, email, status check, etc. when driving. On Tuesday, it was the premiere of Pretty Little Liars and I did my #RedCoatTuesday design. 

I loooove my reds and I have recently started expanding my Reds collection since I started the #RedCoatTuesday link up. I am obsessed with Pretty Little Liars and I am super happy that I started this link up.

For this simple design, I used L'Oreal Jolly Lolly and Revlon Ruby Ribbon. I used both of these to make a jelly sandwich. 

For my ring and pinkie finger, I just jellied the Jolly Lolly right over the Ruby Ribbon. I used 1 coat of the Jolly over 1 coat of the Ruby over 1 coat of the Jolly.

For my middle and index, I did a dot dice design with the Ruby Ribbon over the Jolly Lolly. In real life, the depth is awesome. 


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