GOT Polish Challenge presents with a Silver Accent

This weeks challenge was with Silver Accent. I was going to literally do a silver accent finger, but I wanted more! Haha. I decided to do a silver accent on each finger. The silver color that I am using is Sequin by Revlon. I love this color. It is my favorite silver stamper. I have 2 back up bottles of this. That is how much I love it. It has a little bit of a thicker formula, but it is awesome. 

I stamped this with a stamper that I actually got from that As Seen on TV set. I really liked the plates at the time, but now there are only a couple designs on each plate that I like. If I would have only used these plates and not expanded, I would never have learned what a great/easy plate felt like. 

So, stamping with this silver accent was really cool and I actually only used have of the image to create the design on half of my nail. I wanted it to really be a silver accent. The colors I used for this design are:
Zoya- Ling
Revlon- Sequin
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White

I love this color combination, also. The blue and the silver are gorgeous together. I am not a fan of blue polish- sorry A Little Polish!! Her favorite polish color is blue! With all of that being said, I looooove Ling by Zoya. It is such a cool summer color. It really reminds me of all things BEACH!! 

I really am a beach girl deep down inside and I miss just being able to hop in the car and go. Now that I live in western PA, there is NO beaches around. It's pretty sad actually. There are lakes and rivers, but they just don't do it for me. The warm sand, breeze, smell, just everything. 

So, be sure to stay tuned for next weeks design which is RED!! This will mesh perfectly with my RED COAT TUESDAY round up that is coming back on Tuesday. Be sure to stay tuned for that post. 


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