GOT Polish Challenge presents FREE CHOICE

This week we got a break and had to come up with our own creative design. Well, I am burnt out with all that is going on that the best I came up with was dots. Womp. womp. The cool part about this design is the colors and polish I used. 

The polishes I picked happen to be part of my original collection. These are polishes that I bought a looooong time ago and still remain some of my favorites. While I don't use them as much because they are waaaay far back in my drawers, they are great polishes. The community is leaning towards shimmers again and I wanted to share some of the originals. 

For this design, I used your standard dotting tool with a very thick tip and then one with a thin one. I made a pattern of thick dots and then went in between with little tiny white ones. Let's talk about steady hand and time. I wanted to wait a little bit in between each color in case I smudged a dot and that way I didn't have to redo the whole thing. 

For my first color, I used Ice Coffee by Sally Hansen. It is a reddish, pinkish, brown color with a little gold microshimmer. 

The next color is Cinderella. This is my very first Sinful Colors. I did not have a Walgreens near me or any other store that sold Sinful Colors, so I was not brought into the Sinful world until I moved to Pittsburgh. I know, I know... YES I did live in the cut wayyyyy out in rural PA. I think I may have had a couple laying around from my Aunt, but never any I purchased myself. This is a blueish leaning gray color that has a pink shimmer in it. 

Last is Purple Pizzazz Frost from NYC. This is a purple color with a blue shimmer. Do you see the shimmer theme, now? The application for this was a little thin, but it just took an extra coat to fill in all the bald spots. 

Until next week when we are doing gradient... That's all folks. Also, PS I am hoping that we continue this challenge because I loooove it!! We only have one more week posted, so hopefully they will come out with a new one or I will be switching back to TPC


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