Barielle Keys Collection for Summer 2014

**Press Sample**

Barielle says, "The Keys Collection celebrates the warm, sun-filled, tropical beach days enjoyed all over the world. These beautiful, creamy, high-fashion colors set the mood for paradise vacations." This collection really reminds me of a Miami circa late 1970s to 1980s. I am sooooo in love with these colors and I am so glad Barielle made this collection. It is so Miami Heat! 

Miami Heat
This is described as a "sheer jelly red". Yes! It is a jelly red. It is not so sheer as I had opacity in only 2 coats, but it is gorgeous. I loooove jellys and the depth it gives you on the nail. This is no exception. I am actually going to be featuring this color in my upcoming #RedCoatTuesday design. It is for the premiere of Pretty Little Liars. This is $8 for a full sized bottle. 

Hawaiian Sunset
This is described as a shimmery orange. Ok... I must say I am not an orange girl, AT ALL. In fact, I own maybe 3 orange polishes. Compared to my almost 50 purples, that's not a lot. BUT... this polish is gorgeous. There are gold flakes in the polish that shimmer beautifully in sunlight. If it wasn't storm/rain central here I could have gotten some sunlight pictures, but that's ok because I will be wearing this color again. This is $8 for a full sized bottle. 

Paradise in the Tropics
This is described as a creamy fuchsia color. This was really nice to apply. It was fully opaque without streaks in 2 coats. I always recommend sealing in your color with a top coat especially if you are doing straight color and no art. This is $8 for a full sized bottle. 

Panama Pina Colada
This is a creamy mellow yellow. Since I am so pale, it looks a little electric but it's really not. I used three coats with this because it was being difficult when I was trying to even it out, but it looked great with 3 coats and a topcoat. I probably could have done 2 coats and a top coat to seal, but I stuck with 3. This is $8 for a full sized bottle. 

Barefoot in Bermuda
This is described as a "creamy hot pink". Hot pink is right!! Boy, this was a sunglass wearing, skin tanning pink. I love these colors because it makes my pasty white skin look tan! This polish also applied like a dream. For me, it was opaque in 2 coats and sealed beautifully with a topcoat. This is $8 for a full sized bottle. 

Topless in St. Tropez
This is described as a "creamy pink with coral" color. This is a really pretty pink and has shimmer throughout. For me, this one also took about 3 coats to get opaque and even out. Once I added a very thin 3rd coat and the topcoat, it came together very nicely. This is $8 for a full sized bottle. 

Sooo, what do you think? Which one(s) is your favorite color?? I think my favorite is Hawaiian Sunset. 

If you like any of these colors shown here or want to see what other colors Barielle has to offer, you can check their website and other social media sites:


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