The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents Skittles

I made it!!! ALL 4 for this month!! Katee would be so proud of me! I am super excited to start next month's challenge of BLACK AND WHITE. I may even include a skittle or skittlette design using only black and white. I am thinking of a stamping design that I have been wanting to do in this color scheme, as well. I have about a week to plan out my design for June.

For this final design, I only used 3 colors. Along with the turquoise and black combo, I love the hot pink and black combo, as well. I have really been loving this color combination for a lot of things lately. 

There is a girl in one of my nail groups (Spicy'z Nailz) who always does the best skittles. I love that she often includes one nail that has straight glitter on it. She was my inspiration for this design. I think the glitter nail just ties the rest all together. 

For my pointer finger, I did 2 rows of hot pink dots over black. I was trying to do a half moon of tiny dots, but even the tiny dots look huge on my little nub nails. For my middle finger, I just did straight hot pink. No special design, or art on it. For my ring finger, I did the same. Straight glitter. I looooove the Victoria's Secret glitter I got for Christmas. The glitters are awesome. They are easy to work with and remove even easier. Finally, for my pinky nail I did a simple striped design with black and hot pink. 

Colors Used:
Funky Fingers- Hot Shot
Wet n' Wild- Ebony Hates Chris
Victoria's Secret- Dream On


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