Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents- Skittles

As some of you may know, this month is a skittles design for the Nail Challenge Collaborative this month. I am super, super excited because I love skittles. They are so fun to do and they fulfill all my randomness needs.

NEON Skittles!! This is just for some summer fun!! I was craving some summer neon fun and this is what I got.

I did a crazy stirping, layered design on my pinky. I just layered the Highlighter first, then taped and lifted, then the Hot Shot- tape and then the wet n' wild. 

For my ring finger, I used the Wet n' Wild and then topped it with Love is a Battlefield by Frakker Lacquer. It such a fun, funky 80s polish. 

For my middle finger I did a really fun checkerboard pattern. This was a little tricky to do, but I think it turned out really cool. 

Finally for my pointer finger, I just did a simple dot design. It's kind of fun look and displays a 3D like design. 

Colors Used:
Love is a Battlefield
WetnWild- Saved by the Blue
Orly- Highlighter
Orly- Hot Shot


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