Nail Art for Nubs

Today, I decided to journey again on a stamping adventure. I did a bsse with Orly, Cheeky and then stamped with Wet n' Wild Ebony Hates Chris and Bold Gold by Maybelline. I really like the way that the dual tone stamping looks on other people, but it is way harder to do then it looks.

The stamping plate that I used was, MJ XIII Image Plate and it has so many neat designs on it. There are a couple skeletons on it that I always forget to pull out for Halloween.

I am going to work on the dual color stamping for next time. I might even throw it into an NCC challenge this month. It could be really cool if I could use it the correct way. Practice makes perfect, I guess. 

Colors Used:
Wet n' Wild- Ebony Hates Chris
Orly- Cheeky
Maybelline- Bold Gold


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