Leap of Faith by Lynnderella


I won this beauty, along with some other goodies, from a giveaway from Oh Three, Oh Four a couple months ago. I have been in a supppppper rut lately and I NEED to get back into posting every day, but my job is getting in the way.

I was sooooo happy to get this new promotion, but it has really been cutting into my blogging time. I am hoping by mid-May, I will be back to normal. 

 It's super rough to leave my house at 8am and get home at 8pm for 7 days a week. It's really exhausting!! Anyway, have a leap of faith and stick with me!! I promise, I will be back!!

 You can really see all the micro in this macro.... haha silly sounding!! I love it!

Anyway, this polish is awesome. It is actually the first time I am wearing a Lynnderella on my nails. I know, I know... I just never got into them. I own one other bottle- SHAME!!

I really liked this polish. It was a little thick, but I think that's because it was stacked with glitz! The formula kind of reminds me of a Jindie. I love myself a good Jindie, you just need to know how to work with them.

This is a purple micro with lots and lots and lots of silver, pink and purple large, medium and small hexes. This was definitely a builder. I put three really thin coats on. I didn't want to glob it on. I also put about 2 coats of Rica Glossy Glam on so I would have a nice smooth coat. 

The thing with really great polishes that are really packed with glitter is that sometimes it dries a little bumpy. That is why you NEED a really great and thick top coat. I totally recommend Rica Glossy Glam.


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