GOT Polish Challenge presents FLOWERS

Well, I failed at this one!! I am sooooo not good at flowers. So, mine always end up as cartoons. I decided to do something over the already beautiful Lynn that I had on.

Yeah, I tried to do this abstract string like detailed flower. I wanted it to be very artsy. Well, I guess it's artsy in it's own way?!?

I used a couple of colors for this to try and blend them together. I was going for the spikey kind of distressed look. 

I love flowers, but not pastelish flowers on my nails. I wanted a dark and kind of not-spring-like design. 

Colors Used:
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White
WetnWild- Ebony Hates Chris
Mayeblline- Bold Gold
Lynnderlla- Leap of Faith


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