Nail Art for Nubs

I am sooo sooo sorry for posting so late, but my life is total chaos right now! I am juggling 2 different areas of responsibility at work, my kids are crazy and my husband just got back from a week of traveling. So, hold on! ColorMeSoCrazy will be back in full swing soon!! I even have a giveaway that I am participating in going on starting today!! I will throw up a little post tomorrow!

For this week, I am totally repping some nubs because my ring and middle finger nails broke off :(
Major boo!!

I wanted to do a nice spring and light color scheme, so I stuck with pastels. I love this color combination. It's funny because the pink stripes look like they are a tan color. Which is what I was going to stamp on top of this. I may have to do another coat to show the true pink color. 

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy my intro to spring!! HOPPY SPRING!!

I used:
essie- First Timer
essie- Under Where?
Funky Fingers- Sugar Plum Fairies


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