Introducing Studio Gear's Hydrating CC Cream

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When I was invited to the Studio Gear CC Cream campaign, I was so excited. Then I realized that I have a ton (and love them all) of BB Creams, but not ONE CC Cream. Then my education brain kicked into high gear and I went to Professor Google to find out what exactly the difference is between BB Cream and CC Cream and what would make me switch over to CC Cream.

So, this is what I found:

BB Cream
Beauty Balm
Semi-sheer to light coverage
Prevention and maintenance of skin issues
Mostly available in 3 shades (ex. fair, medium, dark)
Can be found in Drug Stores or High End

CC Cream
Color Correcting
Almost full coverage
Repairing of skin issues (acne, dark spots, etc)
Mostly available in 3 shades (ex. fair, medium, dark)
Can be found in Drug Stores or High End

Information from the following:

So, now that you are informed, let me tell you about Studio Gear CC Cream. It comes in a simple package with the color clearly stated on the front of the bottle.

You can choose from Linen, Natural or Wheat

It retails for $34 (if you look at the bottom of the post, you can find a special little discount!!)

You can also go HERE to see some more details and make your purchase.

Introducing Studio Gear's Hydrating CC Cream AND A TREAT FOR YOU!!

 As you can see, it comes out white. Well, that was a shock for me. I was so confused! I also noticed a faint flowery scent. It did not smell medicinal or alcoholic. I liked that. Sometimes make up smell, well makeupish. 

 Introducing Studio Gear's Hydrating CC Cream AND A TREAT FOR YOU!! 

If you can see there are little tiny colored beads in the liquid. These burst into a pigment, in my case it's natural, when you begin to put it on.
Introducing Studio Gear's Hydrating CC Cream AND A TREAT FOR YOU!! 

As you can see, this first applies darker than my skin tone. I got sooo nervous. I am usually somewhere in between a fair and natural, more leaning towards natural. I swatched this on the side of my arm. So, I could see the color on the top of my arm and again on the bottom- which is the lightest color. 

As you can see it blended really well. I applied this with a beauty blender. Once I let it sit for a little longer and blended it more, it settled it nicely with the underside color of my arm as well. I was super impressed that it was able to chameleon color change like that. Like it was magic! 

Anyway, I really enjoyed this product. Between the pleasant scent and the awesome coverage, I can say I recommend this product. I have super sensitive skin. Like the type of skin that breaks out super bad during "that time of the month". This product did gook up my skin and didn't cause any unusual breakouts or skin disruptions.

Here is some more information about this product straight from the Studio Gear Website:

Hydrating CC Cream transforms and enhances your complexion in an incredibly light, smooth formula. This foundation simultaneously fights aging, retains moisture, and covers and treats blemishes with a non-oily, perfectly radiant finish.
Key Benefits:
  • Protects:  SPF 20 protects the skin, while Hydra-Extend technology provides moisture for up to 72 hours.
  • Perfects:  Enjoy natural looking coverage while micro-encapsulated pigments perfects and fade dark spots and acne scarring.
  • Corrects:  Anti-aging and collagen building ingredients help minimize fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Hydrates:  Hydra-Extend technology provides up to 72 hours of continuous hydration.
  • Conceals:  Micro encapsulated pigments deliver a fresh dose of color that adapts to your own skin tone, creating the most natural looking coverage.
  • Smooths:  Skin nourishing ingredients help to correct and maintain youthful complexion.
Ok... Here it is

My present to you for reading all of this!! Studio Gear and Brand Backer is letting me give you a special discount on their website. You can get 10% your order by entering "bloggercc" and you will find out a sweet little discount in your shopping cart.


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