GOT Polish Challenge- Hot Pink


I am super excited for this week because I love this color. Wearing hot pink makes me think of Barbie. Haha so, I feel like Barbie when I wear hot pink. I own several hot pinks, but this is my oldest. I love Funky Fingers polishes. They are cheap, there are a lot of matte colors and they make a kick ass hot pink!!
Color Used:
Funky Fingers- Hot Shot

Do you own any hot pink colors?? Do you have a favorite?? I just got a couple new ones that I am super excited to try. I actually got them for Valentine's Day, so that should tell you how many I have in my untireds!! It's gotten pretty bad!

 Next week is "something tropical". I think I may attempt one of the first design I ever did. It was the palm tree shadow with the gradient sunset. I loved doing this, but it was almost 2 years ago!! So, I am excited to see what it looks like now!

So, I will leave you with some hot pink nail pic rant for you to drool over. Well, at least the color! I will be rockin this today and it WILL boost my Barbie soul while I am out and about!!


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