GOT Polish Challenge- Coral

Oh my dear coral!! I swore that I had a coral polish for this and it turns out I didn't. I could picture it. A L'Oreal polish that even had coral in it's name. Welp, I didn't. So, I went for the next best kind of thing. I love the color coral, too. 

For this challenge, I used L'Oreal Tangerine Crush and Bettina Watermelon over the L'Oreal to add that pinkish to the orange of the L'Oreal. Well, it was a little too pink. I'm diggin it though.

So, what do you think? Close to coral? I love the salmonish feeling of the Tangerine Crush. It's like a pinky orange. Which is what a coral is, but I think it leans a little too much towards to orange side.

So, do you own any coral colors? If so, give me names please!! I am now on the hunt for the perfect coral. Well, how about any coral?! 

Until next week, when we are doing HOT PINK!! I am sooo super excited for this! I love my hot pinks!


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