Dani 3 Color Compact Review from Born Pretty AND DISCOUNT CODE

**Press Sample**

I was recently given an opportunity to review for a new company. Born Pretty approached me to do some make up reviews for them and was excited. I have been doing more and more make up reviews and I like it. Sometimes it's a nice break from all of the polish. Don't get me wrong, I love love love my polish, but I like to give my readers some fresh stuff sometimes. 

So, I have used this for about 2 weeks now. I love this product. It is now part of my contouring and highlighting routine. I will tell you why below.
This product comes with 3 different colors and a sponge. There are 2 powders and 1 cream. The top portion of the compact are the 2 powders and the bottom is the cream and the sponge. For me the cream was slightly oily and translucent, but it covered really well once I applied the powered on it. It stayed really well. **HOT TIP** This was a great shadow primer. I put the cream on my lids, on my arch and under my eyes and it helped my eye shadow and the concealer to stay in place and stay on all day.

As you can see below, I swatched all of the colors on my arm. The first is the powder that is in the top, left tray. The middle is the second powder on the top, right tray. The last color is the cream on the bottom of the compact. Now, let me tell you why this has made it to my everyday pile....

See the first powder?? I know my beauty addicts have seen the picture with Kim Kardashian and her highlight and contour face on. Well, she uses a powder from Ben Nye in the shade banana. When I saw this, like many of you, I had to have it. I am glad that I waited because I found it's dupe for about $24 cheaper!! The first powder, the lighter one, is my new hightoing powder. It brushes on so nice and blends even nicer.

I use the middle powder as an overall powder to finish off my look and to blend a little bit on my neck. This product is only $4.99 and is totally worth it. Both the powders are full coverage and look so nice. I was pleasantly surprised! 

DISCOUNT CODE!! I have a special code just for you. When you buy form Born Pretty, I can give you 10% off your order with the code BSH10. This is a great deal since ALL of their products are already reasonably priced and you can replenish a lot of your beauty needs for not a lot of money. 
So, if you are interested in buying, you can just click HERE  and make the purchase! Don't forget your discount code!!


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