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Hello all!! I have a really cute, awesome and new thing to share with you all today! SoxxyAir is a line of compression socks that are cute and stylish. Compression socks have many uses- especially those that relate to beauty and can help keeping us looking pretty!! Most of us are on the run constantly. This often leaves us with sore legs and feet. Compression socks can help alleviate some of the pain in our legs and ankles. SoxxyAir helps with circulation which can help prevent spider veins, swelling and altogether muscle soreness.

Sponsored by:

•  Soxxy founder, Sarah Stabile partnered with five charities near and 
dear to her heart to create sox that give back. 
•  Designing with a purpose allows Soxxy to give back in a more 
meaningful way. 
•  “Support a Cause, Support your Legs” is the tagline 
•  Proceeds from the sale of our charity sox will be donated to the 
•  SoxxyAir charity sox will be pre-sold in a crowd funding campaign on and shipped by Spring 2014.

If you would like to contribute to this great cause, you can do so by checking out their Indegogo site.

There are 5 charities included in designing different pairs of SoxxyAir Charity sox. 

This sock benefits the Michael Stabile 
Memorial Scholarship Fund at Trinity Pawling 
School. This fund was created by Michael Stabiles family (notice the name of the creator- she is the sister) to give aid to students that are in need of financial assistance and are in Trinity Pawling language program. 
THis helps families alleviate financial burden for basic learning disabilities and help them fulfill the dream of academic future in college. 

"Anyone who’s lost a sibling, parent or child can 
tell you the grieving process is non-linear; you 
have to dig deep, get creative to forgive and heal. 
In my case, what started with drawing X’s and 
O’s on socks using a glue gun… led to 
developing compression socks. Now, I’m coming 
full circle with a brand that helps others, while 
carrying my brother’s legacy"  - Sarah Stabile

Jesse Lewis Choose Love
Jesse Lewis was one of the students that were taken from our world during the tradgy at Sandy Hook Elementary school. This is very dear to me being a mother of two small children. Still, when talking about the families that had to endure the ultimate grief, my heart breaks and my eyes well with tears. I could never imagine having to bury my son or daughter and the pain that will be with your forever is even more unimaginable
Jesse' mom recently wrote a book about the story of her son and how his short, sweet life taught her to chose love over hate. Instead of choosing to be bitter and hateful, she wanted to teach people hot to move and and love after such a horrific tragedy.  
Supports compassion,

Kristen Ann Carr Foundation
The Kristen Ann Carr Fund helps provide financial help for cancer research specifically in teens and young adults. Their aim to help the families and patients to be comfortable during this difficult time. 
"The Kristen Ann Carr Fund honors the life 
of Kristen Ann Carr (1971 – 1993), a 
remarkable young woman who sought life 
and love. Established at Kristen’s request, the 
Fund continues in her spirit and convictions 
in its efforts."-

All proceeds will be donated to the 
Kristen Ann Carr Foundation.

Bob Woodruff Foundation
Bob Woodruff Foundation is aimed at helping injured verterans and their families when they return home from war. I have heard and donated to this foundation in the past because I have a brother and so many acquaintances in the military. I think it is so important to help our vets get reacclimated to life. They are sent in harms way to protect us and the least we can do is help them resume as much as a normal life as possible. There are so many physical and hidden mental ailments that come with fighting in a war and this is a significant problem amongst our military. 

The proceeds from the sale of these sox will be 
donated to BWF.

WhyHunger was founded in 1975 by the late 
musician Harry Chapin and Bill Ayres (Executive 
Director). This is an organization that helps fight hunger and poverty and to help everyone have access to healthy food options.
 The proceeds from 
the WhyHunger sox will be donated to the 

Each of these represent their own cause and each have a different design of socks. You can check out the full details at the Indegogo site.

These are all really great charities and I am having a hard time choosing just one. Which one would you pick?? Don't forget your can donate and get your own pair by checking out any one of their media sites- listed below! SoxxyAir was also so generous to give you, my readers, a special discount code on their order. 
Reader Discount: 20% Off
Reader Discount Code: SoxxyAirs

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