KBShimmer Blogger Holiday Collection Part 2

Green Hex and Glam designed by Kayla Shevonne. This is a deep green jelly with all different shapes of holo glitters. There are hexes, circles, micros, etc. Soooooo excited!! Anyway, this polish is gorgeous. So... great job to KBShimmer and Kayla!

Strung Out designed by Candy Coated Tips is a black jelly polish with green, red, silver and gold small and medium sized circle glitters. It also has a red micro glitter that shimmers in the polish. It is damn sexy!! I loooooove dark colors, jellies and circle glitter. So, this pretty much hits a home run for me!! I just need to find the same thing but instead of red and green. I need purple and pink.

I'd Rather Be With Blue was designed by Cosmetic Sanctuary. This is my last and FAVORITE polish in the set. Not only does this smurf blue look good on me, but it is matte!!! I love me a good matte polish. Actually **fun fact** if you want to buy me any kind of polish, make it a matte and I will love you forever!! This is a bright/light blue with a silver shimmer matte polish. It literally has the perfect finish and application. 


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