Nail Art for Nubs

So this week is my ode to the USA in the Olympics. I haven't done an Olympics design this entire time and I decided I wanted to save it for last. I recently won a giveaway where I got 3 polishes from Alter Ego Lacquer. One of them being a mix of bronze, silver and gold glitters. It is really really nice. At first, I thought that it was going to dry matte, but it glitzed out. The best part that the name of this polish is Olympic Winner. PERFECT!! Right?

I also did a design for 4th of July that I attempted to do a sugar spun design. Well, I attempted again. It is a little abstract, but you can see I did the colors and designish of the flag. See....

Well, I tried! I really enjoyed the winter olympics this year. The best part for me was all the skiing events. It's super cool to also be able to show my kids all the cool sports that are out there and plus another part of the world. Yes,  I know it's via the TV, but it's still neat

I enjoyed watching my son watch some really talented athletes and seeing what options are out there as far as sports go. He is 8 and was super into it.

On the other hand... I am suuuuuuuper happy to have all my shows back! Speaking of MY shows, don't forget to check out tomorrow's Red Coat Tuesday design for my Pretty Little Liars round up!!

Art Deco- Sapphire 
Sinful Colors- Be My Valentine
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White
Alter Ego- Olympic Winner


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