Nail Art for Nubs and Easy Waterfall Valentine's Tutorial

Today I will be giving you another Nail Art for Nubs Valentine's edition. Hey, I warned you last week. This week, I want to show you an easy and cute waterfall design. I first came across the waterfall design from The Nailasaurus. She has some of my favorite tutorials that I like to try. This one, I gave a little love twist to with some Valentine's Day colors.

Colors Used:
Sinful Colors- Moon Light
Sinful Colors- Rose in Your Nose
Sinful Colors- Peace in Love
Kiss- Purple Glitter
Lilypad Lacquer- Llarowe XOXO

You will first want to pick a base color and at least 3 other colors. I used my stripers because they are super easy to use when doing waterfalls. I chose 3 cremes and 1 glitter. 

1. Choose your base color. I choose my Lilypad Llarowe XOXO. It is a beauuuutiful holo that I wanted to go along with this dark, but lovey look. 

2. Start with the first color and make a couple stripes in random columns down your nail. As you can see, my pinky got a little sloppy, but the good thing about waterfalls is that it's easily fixed. 

 3. Add the next color by putting similar stripes next to the ones you just applied. I like to go darker (more opaque) to lighter so that the lighter colors look ok if they are overlapped.

 4. Again, I added my last solid color. This one is pretty sheer. I used it because the color still shows, but it doesn't interfere if it overlaps. Also... you can start to see that my pinky is almost fixed. With all those colors blending, it looks better than it did at first :)

5. Finally, I added a little bling with some purple glitter. My pinky still doesn't look as good as the rest, but it doesn't look THAT bad.  


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