Liquid Sky Lacquer- Jekyll and Hyde

Ok, as you all saw in my Nail Art for Nubs post on 1/20, I got this fantastic beauty from a gift card I won from Color4Nails. This is my first Liquid Sky Lacquer and I am in deep deep love with it! It is a holo thermal that leans dark brown when cold and a light champagne color when warm. My rest color is usually warm, so it was a nice nude color to wear. This was really nice transition as well. When I went outside it literally turned and once I warmed up it turned back. The application was really nice as well. It was smooth and was opaque in about 3-4 coats. They go on really thin, so it is no smooshy after those 4 coats. I am in total love with this polish, I think I may have mentioned that already, but it is gorgeous and I think ALL of you should be sure to get yours.

So... be prepared to drool and look at a toooooon of pictures!!

Warm Colors

Cold Colors

In Transition


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