Incoco Nail Polish Strips Review

Ok!! So.. Here they are! I told you earlier this week that I was soooo excited to show you these and I am. I have a couple different styles that I will be showing you through the next couple weeks, but I wanted to start with my favorite. Before I do that, I want to introduce you to Incoco Nail Polish Strips.

Incoco Nail Polish Strips are dry polish with a base coat, color and top coat all in one. They can last up to 14 days and are easily removable by nail polish remover. Each set is sent with 8 sizes for each hand so you can ensure the perfect fit. If you have never used nail polish strips before, they also provide a fantastic "how-to" video. You can see that video here.

Once you picked your shades of choice, the checkout process is very easy and orders over $50 come with free shipping. You all know how I am big on customer service. Well, I was so happy to see that it is clearly displayed and stated on the site that if you are not happy with your nail polish strips, you are able to return easily. Great customer services leads to a great customer!

In addition to nail polish strips for your fingernails, they have strips in both designs and solid colors for your toes as well. They also have a Gel Polish line as well as a section for accessories in their shop.

You can find information about Incoco Nail Polish Strips at:

The strips I used for this are Sweet Surprise. It is a light pink base with multi colored bar glitter.

I was sooo excited about trying this design with the bar glitter because bar glitter is the thing I love and hate the most! I looooove the look of bar glitter, but I hate trying to get it to lay down flat sometimes and it is just hard to make behave sometimes. I know you ladies know what I am talking about!! Anyway, with this it all comes ready to go! All of the beauty of bar glitter without having to glob top coat on there to get the bar glitter to stay down. 

Sweet Surprise
Color- This is pale pink sprinkled with multi-colored glitter
Application- This is applied really easily with simple directions
Smell- There is no irregular smell. Actually the faint smell of nail polish is quite pleasant. 
Price- $8.99
Overall-As I mentioned before. I love these strips. They are sooo easy to apply and just as easy to remove. The are the best solution for full glitter bombs without the pain of removal. 

Availability- You can find this beauty at the Incoco Nail Polish Strips 


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