Halloween ISN'T over- well NOT for my Nails!!

Yes... I know. I am faaaaar behind in my untireds box. I have started a new initiative since football is over :( I am going to blow through my untrieds this month. There is sooooo much polish out there that I neeeeed to have, but I promised myself I would not buy new until my untried box is empty. Now this may mean using some polishes that were made for holidays other than what is currently in season. For example, todays polish is a Halloween polish. Yes, I am only 2 months behind. Not bad, but not good.

I also think my rotation is out of whack because I know I have polishes in there that are older than that. I have to go through and do a rough re-sort one of these days. Ok!

So here is my first untried of the year! This polish is from LynBDesigns Nightmare Begins Collection. It is described as a "fuchsia, raspberry jelly linear holographic jelly polish" on the description. This is a really pretty builder. It took me about 3 coats to get this opacity, but it is a jelly so it builds really nicely.

with flash

with flash

LynBDesigns- Nightmare Revisited 


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