GOT Polish- Chevron

Sorry!! I missed last week, but I am back!! This week we are doing Chevron!! I wanted sooo bad to buy some decals that would make this easier, but I hung on and free handed this... well almost. I used a little striping tape for straight lines, but whew that was difficult!

This week, I told you, I declared as skittles week. Chevron skittles were absolutely fun to do!! I am also really glad that I got to use the rest of my Santee winnings from GorJess and LoveLee. I really liked Santee polishes. All of them that I have used have a beautiful finish as well as a great formula. I have not been disappointed by this brand at all. In addition to nail polish, Santee also has a variety of other beauty products. So, if you have not used a Santee before, it's totally worth the peep!

Colors Used:
Santee- Autumn
Santee- Baby Purple
Santee- Modern Purple

Anyway, I had a lot of fun with this design. As I mentioned above, I don't have any special tape or anything so I used 2 strips of striping tape next to each other to make the thicker line. I wanted them to be a little thicker, but it was super hard to even line up. This is as thick as it gets :)

I really like the designs with the three colors. That was a little more challenging, but the color combination is something that I really like and I am glad that I decided to put them all together. 

Enjoy and don't forget to join us next week for ORANGE!! I think I only own 1 orange polish and it is for Halloween designs. I am NOT an orange person at. 


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