Easy Peasy, Lovey Dovey- Heart Nails

For these days leading up to the official day of love, I have decided to give you all a little bit of EASY to pamper yourself and to MAKE YOU PRETTY! That is always my goal, "make me pretty". I want to explain this a little because it's not the pretty that you see on TV or in the magazines, it's the pretty that you see when you look in the mirror. I have struggled with seeing myself in anything but a negative light when I looked in the mirror. Blogging has helped me through this. Other ladies in the community encouraging me to keep going and complimenting me. So... my challenge to you is to do things for yourself. Do things for yourself and say "MAKE ME PRETTY" when you're doing them.

My goal in bringing you tutorials and products reviews are to show you the things out there are that don't cost thousands of dollars and don't require diets or surgery, but only require a little "me time" So.... check my #makemepretty hastags to see how you can be saying "MAKE ME PRETTY".

Anyway, now that I have educated you on what the #makemepretty is all about, I want to share with you my Valentine's Day features. This year I am doing a series called Easy Peasy, Lovey Dovey. This will be tutorials, product reviews and just encouragement on how to get through this impossible happy with ease and pride!!

Today's feature is the heart mani. I did this design for my Nail Art for Nubs Link Up on Monday and I wanted to show you how I did it. It was super easy and only need a few supplies. So without further yadda yadda, because I did enough above.... Love Me Easy Nails

Supplies Used:
Dotting Tool
Santee- Crystal White
Sally Hansen- Cotton Candies
Pink Nail Art Decorations

1. First- I painted the Santee on as a base coat. I used 2 coats for full coverage

2. Next, I dotted on the Sally Hansen with a dotting tool. I just put 3 dots in a heart like shape so that I could pull them together. I must warn, the texture polish is not the easiest thing to work with since it dries super fast. I would recommend doing step 2 and 3 with one nail at a time. My hearts dried and made it really hard to drag the dots into the heart shape. 

3. I then drug the dots together to form a crisp heart shape. They do not need to be perfect or the same on each finger. It's love right? No love is the same :) Again, I recommend doing step 2 and 3 on each nail before moving on to the next if you are using textured polish for the hearts like I did. 

Sorry about the blur, but I wanted to show the texture a little in the polish. Still didn't come out, but it was the best one I had that could show it. 

4. Lastly, I added the little nail decoration on top of each heart. I wanted to add some bling. You can skip this step as it is a little bonus and goes a little out of the Easy Peasy range. If you are interested in buying this, click here and look for N.NAIL Pearl Pink Circle Grains Nail Art Decorations [NNAIL-DRN250]


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