Easy Peasy, Lovey Dovey FOR HIM

OK ladies... this is something for you to read and then pass on to him!! Since I am obsessed with subscription boxes, I wanted to find something for you to make HIM make YOUR days more special. I did a little looking and it turns out there is a company in my own backyard that will do this. This company is called Romeo Delivers and it is a super cool, super easy product. Romeo Delivers is a company designed to help bring romance back into your relationship. The cool thing about this box is it made of a "toolkit" that is easy to follow that will help your significant other make you feel special without having any weird "sexy" toys or hard to figure out products that will all end in a disaster anyway.

Romeo Delivers is a new company that was founded in PITTSBURGH in June 2013 by Anne Lopez. Her idea was to give people " a subscription service that would arm men everywhere with monthly toolkits of small gifts and tokens of affection that they could customize for their sweethearts". BRILLIANT!!

Romeo Delivers can be bought for my US peoples and my Canadian peoples! There are currently 2 subscription options. Monthly for only $15 a month and yearly for $12 a month (a $60 savings). A little **tip**, once you get to the subscription page, you can save $5 by sharing on social media!! Whoop!! I love some savings! Shipping to US addresses is FREE.

If you happen to have a romantic fellow already, you can also give this to someone that you know may need a little help in the department of romantisizing the ladies... You can give a gift card to your brother, father, friend, roommate (that you want to leave so you can continue your already sizzling relationship) in several increments as well. 1 month, 3 month and 12 month gift options are available. You could also get one for your hubby, in his name, as a little *hint hint* he needs to get his act together.

You can find Romeo Delivers in several areas around the web:

This is the February Box that I have to review for you. Now that I have told you all about this brilliant idea, I would like to show you.

The first pictures above is exactly how the box come. I really appreciate how intricate and carefully the box is put together. You can tell that real care and passion is put into each box.

So this box comes with a quick guide, a pencil (perfect because you know your man would be like "what am I supposed to write with?"), a disaster relief booklet that they call a "Field Guide", 3 crafts for them to do which are a Valentine Vow,  Bam Notes and a card that turns into a lantern, and then a merit badge. This set up was so well thought of. Each activity is so cute- from a woman's perspective- and so easy for a man to do.

Valentine Vow-
You are to fill out the little insert inside and then "vow" to give her your heart- which is already there in a wooden form. This is suuuuper cute and super easy, again! It is already packaged very nicely and the year is engraved for us ladies that keep EVERYTHING!

Bam Notes-
These come in every kit. They are like Lovey Dovey MadLibs. They are so nicely displayed. All they have to do is use the pencil that is already included (shown above) and fill out the 4 simple love notes. Romeo Delivers says, "Why are they called "Bam Notes"? Simple. Stick 'em up and BAM, she knows you are thinking of her." What a great idea! Especially for days that us women need a little pick me up. How nice it would be to see a little love note stuck on the mirror when you wake up in the morning??

 Card + Tealight = Lantern-
Again, brilliant!! This is a card that has to be filled out, put in the envelope provided and then sealed. Once it is opened, it can be made into a lantern for a romantic Valentine's Dinner with the provided tealight. Like my heart it melting imagining the scenes from this!

Field Guide
This is my favorite part of the whole box. It literally is a guide on how to make it through Valentine's Day and how to troubleshoot if you mess up! It is so simple to use and so "man-proof". There is a simple table of contents and it's so easy to read and understand. The last picture of the Field Guide below shows an example of how to "use" the card above. It tells your man EXACTLY what to do! They don't even need to think (we know they have a hard time doing that sometimes)!

Merit Badge-
This is the final part of the kit. It's the Merit Badge. So smart! After all the "hard work" your man just did , he wants a pat on the back. Even though we will love all the sweet stuff he just did for us in the kit, it's like a trophy for him. He can add it to his collection as a trophy that he did it! 

Overall, this is a great product! I highly recommend it. I can picture myself buying this for my husband. He may not take the initiative to do it himself, but if I slap this box down in front of him he will do it. I think it will be worth it and it will make him feel special and me feel EXTRA special. Don't forget to check out their site and tell them ColorMeSoCrazy sent you!!


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