Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer PRESENTS: Valentine's Duo

My favorite time of year! The whole month is filled with love. This also means new nail polish collections!! Below is a review of yet another Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer exclusive!!! Well exclusiveS!! Yes, a DUO!! I loooove duos because it takes the guessing out of which undies works with what toppers. You can just use them both together. So enjoy this lovely set and check it out in Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer shop!!

Icing on My Heart
Color- This is a sheer white shimmer polish. It has an iridescent glow it to. 
Application- This is such a smooth application. There was no streaking and it was opaque in 2 coats. 
Smell- There is no irregular smell.
Price- $10 for the Full Size DUO
Overall- This is a stunning polish. It is so elegant and delicate. It can be the perfect wedding day polish. I love this polish with my skin tone, which I have very few. This one looked really nice. 
Availability- You can find this beauty at the Shirley Ann Nails Etsy Page

Forever Yours
Color- This is a glitter topper with pink micro glitter, white and pink circles and bow glitter.
Application- This is a very heavy glittered polish, so the macro goes on great, but there is some fishing required for the other glitters. I will say that if you give your bottle a little shake, they come out on the brush, but if you are looking for specific placement of glitters, you will have to fish. 
Smell- There is no unusual smell for this polish. 
Price- $10 for the Full Size DUO
Overall-I love this! It is such a super cute topper for the month of love! I also looooove that she includes the side baggie of the bow glitter. It is suuuuuper cute and you can then place it on you own. The maker does indicate that some fishing may be needed. 
Availability- You can find this beauty at the Shirley Ann Nails Etsy Page

For these swatches from pointer finger to pinky: 1 coat, 2 coats, over white and over black

For these swatches, there is 2 coats over L'Oreal Penthouse Pink


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